Turnin' 65 Gathering 2018

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"Turnin' 65" Gathering 2018       

SAVE THE DATE:   Saturday, April 21, 2018

'71 Graduates and fellow Elementary & Jr School Classmates 1959-1971, and our childhood friends who transferred out and did not graduate with us.

Moody Blues  Jefferson Airplane  Hits of the 1960s

Let's meet up in 2018 for a gathering to celebrate 65.   
'52 & '53 Baby Boomers
  (some of us turn 65 in 2017)

"When I'm 64" Parody.  [more Baby Boomer Parodies on YouTube]

A casual gathering in our ol' home town which also celebrates its 300th Birthday in 2018.  (not a big reunion) 

Peggy & Toni are noodling on ideas for the weekend

SAVE THE DATE:   Saturday, April 21, 2018 - casual dinner

Most likely, a happy hour & dinner in Alamo Heights vicinity.  Whatever we do, it will be casual, simple, and pay at the door.

Peggy & Toni invite you to send your ideas and input to tschmid@austin.rr.com  We plan to keep it simple.

SA folks, please let us know if April 21, 2018 (being San Jacinto Day) conflicts with big San Antonio 300 Tricentennial celebrations which would affect our attendance.

Our Saturday dinner will NOT be down in the thick of Fiesta events due to crowds, traffic, parking hassles.

Fiesta 2018 Events FYI:
San Jacinto Day is April 21, 2018
Friday Apr 20, 2018 Alamo Heights Night http://alamoheightsnight.org/
Saturday Apr 21 or 28 An Evening in '09 5pm-10pm
Monday Texas Cavaliers River Parade
Friday Apr 27 , 2018 Noon Battle of Flowers Parade
Saturday Apr 28, 2018 King William Fair
Saturday Apr 29, 2018 Great Fiesta Pooch Parade
Saturday Apr 28, 2018 Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade

Coincidently, 2018 is also San Antonio's Tricentennial, with year long celebrations planned by the city

San Antonio 300 web site http://www.sanantonio300.org/

Email Toni if you hear of fun, interesting events on the San Antonio 300 Calendar and I'll post them on this page.

Check back for updates