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San Antonio Nostalgia PHOTOS

OLMOS photos - scanned in 2001 by Sandy BOEHL March

Alma Mater images 

Link to an audio of our 1971 Commencement Ceremonies

1971 Baccalaureate Service & Commencement Program (PDF)



A look back to Dec 1968 - Earthrise | 7 minutes | footage with Boorman, Lovell, Anders

1960s Montage | 4 mintues

10 Defining Moments of 1960s America | 8:30 minutes

PBS ~ The Sixties, the Years That Shaped a Generation | 2 hours

What happened in the 1960s1970s

Hemisfair Opening Day, April 6, 1968

1967 Cain's Children

Hemisfair '68 - IBM exhibit

Spanish Club trip with Mrs. Montellano in Mexico City, 1968

L-R: Kay Stewart, ? , Mimi Schwartz, Maryanne Leeper, Walton Tassos, Sarah Ryan,
Shelby Baetz, ?, Robin Early. Also on the trip were: BooBoo Jockusch, and ???

"We went to the "Stinking" Gardens of Xochimilco", Balletfolklorico, and to the bullfights in Mexico City (where Boo Boo was named "Little Woman"). So Boo Boo must have been on the trip!! Summer after 9th grade..'68.. Thelma Montellano and her daughter were our chaperones! All girls, I think, and a fairly silly bunch. We all look so dressed up and serious in that photo.. was that the place where we didn't want to tip the waiter for our cantaloupe and he chased us out of the restaurant" Senioritas! The tip!" We went to Taxco to shop for the beach in Acapulco (in our white cotton crocheted bathing suit cover ups) and looked for Elvis at the bar where the cliff divers were..We talked more about bebiendo cerveza than we actually ever drank...except for an occasional room service TC! All of us were sick on the bus on the way home, as I recall." ~ Sarah Ryan Carpenter