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Scroll down below for a few 1967-1971 photos.  

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Note about Olmos 68, 69, 70, 71 photos:  big thank you to Sandy Boehl March for scanning hundreds of candid photos from our Olmoses in 2001, a tedious & time consuming task. THANK YOU Sandy!
And, sweet Ilse scanned most of the headshots as well.

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Olmos yearbook headshots

Senior Class Officers

Key Club

1969 Basketball

1971 Vocational Industrial Clubs of America - Chapter 255           Mr. Guy Cope, Sponsor
kneeling L-R: Thomas Kita, Ken Manhoff, John Moses (dec), Eddie Gonzalez
middle row L-R: Guy Cope (sponsor),Tom Geis, who?, John McGouge, who?, Kathy Duggar
back row L-R: who?, who?, Guy Ruff, Glen Mike Sargent, Michael Fisher (dec)

Mule Stall

1971 Physics Club photo from Olmos


Geology Club Trip
Left to right: Unknown boy, Dr Selby Peter, Terry Lewis (we think), Howard Adams, Unknown boy, Unknown girl, Unknown boy, Diana Odegard, Max Wier, Ms. Wise, Unknown girl, and Randy Mayo on crutches.
Per Max: "I will see if I have any notes, but I need to see a yearbook of which mine was lost. I know Janet Davidson was on the trip and she may be the blocked out 5a or the shadowed 8. I know John McCaleb was on the trip and Howard stayed in his camper with 2 other guys." ~ Max W
(can someone pls send Toni a better quality scan of this Geology Club photo, and ID the unidentified)

1971 Vocational Club

Service Club

Bud W, Edmund E, Leighton K

Student Council

Advisory President's Council

1970-1971 Band, Andy Wetz and John Hardy from our class

Junior year Class Officers

Junior Year - Ellen Maniatis, Gordon Stevenson, Michael Nedler, Edmund Eickenroht
to name a few from our class. 1970 Olmos

1970 round ball

1971 National Honor Society (above and below)

1971 Varsity Track

1971 Rifle Assn Club

1971 Varsity Team

1970 Super Scoopers

Leadership Class

1970-71 Biology Club

1970 A Club

1970 hair protest

Chaps Officers

1971 Mu Alpha Theta

1971 National Merit

Officer Terry


Mule Stall Council

1970 Muleskinners

1969 Meredith and Sally

1969 Sophomore Chaps

1967/68 Freshman Basketball

 You will find more Elementary School, High School, San Antonio Nostalgia, and past Reunions photos at our Shutterfly Share Site. (password protected)

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