20th Reunion 1991

Club Giraud and Alamo Heights Pool

August 17, 1991

Saturday Evening we partied at Club Giraud

We were also hosted at Alamo Heights Pool by Ann and Rick Shaw

Reunion Organizers:  Martha Jackson James, Nancy Hamner Avellar, and who else?

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Organizers, Martha & Nancy with friends
Barbara, Caroline (dec), Barbara, Martha, Nancy, Mary, Peggy, Deborah

Penny (dec) and Janet  ~  Quin (dec) and Kip

Susan, Peggy, Kakki, Deborah

our Alamo Heights Pool hosts, Rick & Ann Smith Shaw

Tony & Marion (dec)

Betty, Lili, Howard, Kellis at AH Pool

Rebecca, Mary, Day, Meredith visit during reunion weekend

View more reunion photos on our Shutterfly Site https://ahhs71.shutterfly.com/pictures/70