Elementary School

Elementary School Years - Teachers and Classes:  Elementary & Junior School 1959-1967

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Gordon's Most Vivid Memory of 1st grade ---- The first three weeks (I think) we went to school till noon so "lunch" was orange drink and a pack of saltine crackers it was a real step up when we finally got to eat a real lunch with the "big people." Gordon




Cambridge Elementary, First Grade, Mrs. Ferris: 
(photo provided by who?  I can’t recall who sent this photo)

Bottom Row: Mrs. Ferris, Sherri Gerth, BooBoo Jockusch, Rebecca McKinley, and boy who?    
Middle Row 9 kids:  boy who ?, Graham Hall, Richard Neitzske, boy who?, John Peace, Debbie Fuhrman, girl who?, Sara Mount, and girl who?
Top Row 11 kids: Kent Quereau,  Luther who?,  Bobby Schenken, John Saunders, Jo Sewell, Tay Mason, Rory Chrane, girl who?, girl drinking who?, maybe Nancy Biggers?, Tony Berkowitz

Photo taken at a concrete table and benches that stood for years on the playground at Ogden and Townsend.  The photographer said "Okay, everybody look down" instead of saying "Okay, everybody look over here." Result, 4 kids did exactly as they were told.

Cambridge      Ms Hartman, 3rd Grade
photo provided by Lynn Erben Gillaspy


Upper Left:  Jeff Miller and friends 1961
Front Row: Mike Ringler, Kellis Chandler, Gary Reichenbach, David Ball
Back Row: John Heaney, Gary Kahn, Jeff Miller w/the hat and not happy that he wasn't next to his dog

Upper Right:  Young Puppeteers 1963
Mrs. Grant's 4th Grade class? Woodridge. Among those in the photo are: Mac McSwain, Paul Strayer, Tony Berkowitz, Mark Davis, Gena Dagel, Walton Tassos, Paula Bean, and Mike ____? who else?

St. Lukes, 2nd Grade, Mrs. Crow - photo provided by Ilse Garrett
Bottom Row: Cricket Kleine, Lynn Fawcet?, Deborah Finkbeiner, Maryanne Leeper and Paula Loring
Middle Row: Ilse Garrett, Heleen Lightfoot, Shara Knight?, Daniel Bean?
Top Row: Jimmy Burke?, Bowen Moursund, Mrs.Crow, Jimmy Montgomery, & Philip Bush.

1965 6th Grade Brownie Scout Troop
Bottom Row: Judy Whiteaker, Lynn Fawcett, Polly McClanahan, Bettie Bernhardt, Suzy Sledge.
Middle Row: Winifred Reser, Lynn Erben, Martha Barker, Cary Tucker, Melissa Proll, Lyn Straus
Top Row: Mrs. Bolen, Libby Castleberry, Linda McDougall, Patti Turbeville, Wendy Bolen, Betty Wray, Mrs. Barker 

NOTE about Girl's Scout Troops, by Wendy Bolen Andreen, 2022
"Mrs. Barker was our troop leader. My mom, Helen Bolen, and Melissa Proll’s mom were assistant leaders. 
Mrs. Proll gets credit for organizing a big chunk of our trip to Mexico the summer after freshman year. We flew to Mexico City on Braniff (when the flight attendants had to change outfits during flights.) 
Bettie’s parents, Helen & George Bernhardt, coordinated a dinner for us with one of his associates who lived in Mexico City. Their home was magnificent. 
After our week-stay at the Girl Scout Cabana  in Cuernavaca, we also went to Taxco for shopping. Mrs. Proll organized our stay in San Miguel de Allende! That was awesome. 
We returned to SA via train - complete with a dining car and sleeping car. 
Quite the adventure!! "
  - Wendy 


1965 Alamo Heights Dr. Pepper Little League Team
Kneeling: Donnie Rymer, Bobby Melland, Bo Shaw, Gordon Stevenson, Mike Fisher. 2nd Row Standing: Jimmy Tilson, Charlie Edens, Jerry Krueger, Steve Prosk, Steve Golden. Back Row Standing: Mark Eastwood, Bob VanderPloeg, Ted Emrie, Mike Grimes; Mgr-George Flood, Coach-Buddy Flood - - - (Not pictured: Jim Nelson)

1963 Kennedy Motorcade passes by Cambridge Elementary
Many of our 5th grade classmates are in this photograph, standing at the fence behind Cambridge Elementary on Broadway in 1963 when JFK, Jackie Kennedy and John Connally drove by in their motorcade. President Kennedy was assassinated the following day in Dallas
Photo courtesy of Jim Berg, MatsonCreative.com, no reproduction is permitted by law. 

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View comments by our classmates about that joyous day, and the tragic day that followed:  
Elementary & Junior School 1959-1967

About the 1963 photo:  

November 21, 1963

"Recently I toured a friend's office in San Antonio who collects historic photographs. At the end of the tour, he showed me the framed photograph. I remembered it immediately. As 5th graders many of the class of 1971 are in this photograph standing at this fence behind Cambridge Elementary on Broadway in 1963 when JFK, Jackie Kennedy and John Connally drove by in their motorcade. JFK was assassinated the following day in Dallas. I was one of the kids in the photo. I remember our 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Hanson walking our class to the fence to watch the motorcade and I definitely remember the next day when she walked into the classroom and announced that the President had been shot. I believe most everyone remembers where they were when that happened." ~ Elizabeth Webb Wendel

*** Please contact Toni if you or anyone you knew were in this photograph
Thank you to Elizabeth Webb Wendel and Jim Berg for bringing this photograph to our attention. Photo courtesy of MatsonCreative.com, no reproduction is permitted by law.
Photo (10” x 25”) @MatsonCreative.com - $49.50.


          Amory Oliver's School of Ballroom Dance
How many of you remember dancing Foxtrot to "Brown Eyed Girl !?"
"I was not a willing participant in Amory Oliver’s dance classes and was forced to attend. Apparently, my parents felt I was lacking in the area of manners and etiquette as I was the only one of my siblings who was forced to go. There were more girls than guys so I had no choice, I had to dance.
My hat’s off to Ms. Oliver for taking a bunch of pre human, eighth grade boys and teach them manners and etiquette. (Lord knows we needed it.) She was a brave woman.
~ Tom Austin
RIP Miss Oliver ~ Obituary

Temple Beth El Sunday School ClassFirst Grade: photo provided by Joe Cohen
Rabbi David Jacobson - Butch Dubinski, Joe Cohen, Ann Wigodsky, Bud Wiedermann, Randy Rosett, Jill Biskin, Mike Nedler, Steve Golden, Lori Kaplan, Kathy Dreyfus, Jill Rips

1966 7-Gold Co-Champs: (7th Grade)
Bottom Row: Bruce Bump Mgr, Roy Cruch, Bubba Groos, Joe Labbat, Bobby Schenken, Jay Powell
2nd Row: Raleigh Miller, Mac McSwain, Rick Schimpff, Tom Feuerbacher, Dick Worrel, Jim Gorman Mgr
3rd Row: Roy Campbell (or Terry Peterson?,) Pat Stanchak Captain
4th Row: Coach Bob Denison, Jeff Binney, Benner Barclay, Joe Picone, Warren Smith

shared by Taylor Sealy, November 2012
1965 In front of Ilse's house on Castano. L-R:  Larry Williams, Taylor in the go-cart,
Ross Laughead, Kathleen and Ilse Garrett.  I guess us boys built the go cart, but I can’t remember that part. Ilse was brave enough to ride in some of the go-carts we fabricated & rode on Castano.