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"Seniors Select Favorite Teachers" - Excerpts from Senior Issue 1971 Hoof Print

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Ms. Mary Zuschlag and Mr. Johnny Eng began their teaching careers in the Fall of 1967,
the same year we entered AHHS as incoming Freshmen

Mr Robert Comer, Biology Teacher, was named as one of the top five teachers in Texas in the Teacher of the Year contest.  He was nominated by the Teachers and Administrators of the entire school district on the basis of his moral character, his dedication to his work and students, and the dignity he has brought to his profession. 

Ms Linda Wise, Business; Student Council Sponsor

after retiring, Ms Wise went into Law practice.

1968 Biology: Mrs. Waneta Bowman, Mrs. Caroline Carpenter, and Mr. Robert H. Comer. B.S., M.Ed.

Ms. Rhetta Hamilton (later Tatsch) ~ Math/Trig ~ 2006 Obituary

Mrs. Peggy McCaskill (now Foerster), English           Mr. Paul Foerster, Math
'71 Seniors voted Mr Foerster as FAVORITE TEACHER"

Left: Ann Tibbets ~ English ~ 2002 Obituary
Right: Countess Nixon ~ Science ~ 2005 Obituary

1968, Math Dept ~ Mr Ortiz and Mr DeBill

Ms Conway, English                Mr Ortiz, Math             Ms Doughty, Spanish

Mr Richard Cranford, Fine Arts, School Band

Mr Ellerbee, Business/Distributive Education (DE) ~ (deceased)

Mrs Durham, English

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