Turnin' 50 Celebration

La Fonda
April 2003

A small group of classmates met for dinner at La Fonda Sunset Ridge, to celebrate turning 50.  It was a good time, with lots of laughs with a group of us who, otherwise, rarely, if ever, get together.

Two weeks later, Pat Landrum passed away suddenly.   We were shocked to learn this, but so very grateful to have had the opportunity to spend the 'turnin' 50' evening with him. 

3 years later, we lost Sherri Gerth, so again, for most of us, our Turnin' 50 celebration was our last opportunity to spend time with Sherri.

Russ Huffington 
Jimmy O'Brien 
Sherri Gerth
James Foster
Jimbo Roberts 
Jamie & Elizabeth Baskin 
Tom & Jerrie Jackson
Pat Landrum
Kathryn West Moser 
Jon Gilhousen
Gordon Stevenson 
Tressa Lynn Billings
Eric & Phyllis Renth Family
Clay Prystash 
Ross Laughead & Melanie Kincaid
Ann Wigodsky & Susan Gore
Libby Castleberry Brocard
Toni Schmid 
Emily Miller Scano
Max & Ann Wier 
Mannti & Blanca Cummins & Family
Melanie Larson Crain & guest
Tom Wakely and his new bride Norma

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Jim Foster, Jimmy O'Brien, Pat Landrum, Bubba Groos

Gordon, Emily, Jamie, Tommy, Norma, Jimbo, Toni, Ross

Cousins, Clay Prystash and Sherri Gerth (dec 2006)

Blanca y Mannti Cummins

Jimbo and Pat

Tressa Lynn Billing, Toni and the Renth Family: Phyllis, Heidi, Ammanda, & Eric

View more photos from this evening on our Shutterfly Site https://ahhs71.shutterfly.com/pictures/171