10th Reunion 1981

Bright Shawl and King William Park

Does anyone have more photos from these events?

For our 10th Class Reunion, we enjoyed a festive evening of dinner & dance Saturday night at The Bright Shawl. On Sunday, families and children met at the King William Park for an afternoon of picnicing. 

10th Reunion Organizers:  Lyn Straus Selig, Cricket Kleine, Nancy Hamner Avellar, Joe Labatt, Class Officers, and a host of other volunteers from the class.

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__ , Spook, Gary, ___

Bubba & Roy                                                   Cricket, Jamie, Toni 

family fun at King William Park

BooBoo with her little angel and Melissa, Kakki, Jamie

Bubba, Mannti, Jana and who's back?

Blake and Dundee with their little angels

Patti & her little one             Robin

Cricket and Toni

Toni Schmid & Mary Goodnight Amis visit over reunion weekend

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