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Toni Maria Schmid
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Toni Maria Schmid


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Bertram, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Gordon Stevenson
Occupations: Retired from the Mortgage Technology Industry
Family: Step-son, Taylor
My other "child" is my sweet horse, George.
About me:

So, why do I do this web site stuff, and reunion planning? I've always enjoyed event planning, organizing, and web based software. Since I retired early in 2008, after an unsuccessful exhausting job search (I was laid off in 2007 downturn) I've added these projects to my list

School Stories:

We were an Air Force family, so lots of moving around. Started my life in the Cotswolds of England. Dad retired at Tinker AFB, and we moved to SA in 1965.

I entered Alamo Heights Junior School in the spring semester of 7th Grade.
I was quite overwhelmed, as this was my first Public School; no uniforms, no nuns, and there were BOYS! and we changed classrooms every hour. all new to me.
Mrs. Owen was my home room teacher. I recall that Jamie Baskin was also in our home room, and his locker was near mine.

Darlene Thomas was one of my first friends at AHJS. I remember when Darlene showed me how she could smoke cigarettes.. but I wouldn't do it. it grossed me out.. and my dad would have killed me. Looking back, Darlene was Rizzo, and I was naive Sandy. LOL.

Debbie Bates from Alabama also transferred in at mid-year and was one of my best friends at AHJS until they moved out of the district. We stay in touch to this day.

I remember thinking that Mr. Williams was the nicest, most patient man, and that he truly enjoyed teaching us brats.

Then, in 8th Grade, Fall 1966, there was the "3:00AM Corvair Cambridge Caper". Benner Barclay had a party that night, and several of us agreed to sneak out later and all meet up at Cambridge Elementary. I was spending the night with Martha Barker. We snuck out. Shannon G, in per PJs and robe, and with her dog in tow, snuck her family's Corvair out and picked us up, as well as Cary Tucker, went for a joy ride, by the donut shop on Broadway. We met Carol Stanbury, Mickey Starks, Benner, Foster Huff, (who else?) at Cambridge. Sliding down the old fire escapes, someone called the police on us.. We scattered like cockroaches, but, except for Benner, were rounded up and taken to the AHPD to call our parents. Not happy parents to say the least.

In high school I was an average student. However, an absolute scholastic highlight for me, was taking Ms. Hamilton's trigonometry class. For some reason, trig totally clicked for me ... I LOVED Trig and was proud of my achievements there, after Algebra & Geometry had been so challenging for me.

Summer '70 i worked at Alfie's Fish N Chips on Austin Highway.... along with Kathy Carter. and I worked with Mary Younger either at Baskin Robins or Alfie's too.

As a typical tormented teenager, I left high school with good, and some not so good, memories ... but mostly good. And I later appreciated the education we received.

Elementary Schools:

Marymount Catholic School, Arlington, VA
St. Francis, Sacramento, CA
Greenpark School, near Tokyo
Dominican Convent Boarding School, San Rafael, CA
St. Phillip Neri, Midwest City, OK

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Fredericksburg, TX at a war bird fly-in. April 2016
Posted: Aug 06, 2016 at 10:58 AM
my step-son, Taylor Stevenson, grew up flying in the back seat of Gordon's WWII AT-6, since he was 5 years old. Taylor carries on the family tradition for love of Military Aviation History, and flying the old War Birds. These days, his dad is sitting in the back seat.
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Lovely, sweet George!
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Handsome Romeo, RIP
Posted: May 03, 2016 at 9:40 AM
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3 Pilots
Toni 1982
Gordon 2008
Ed 1940
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my family, Boerne, TX
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"Here's to our Blue & Gold ... "
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Junior Class Officers, 1969/1970