Lynn Erben Gillaspy

Profile Updated: December 18, 2018
Residing In: San Antonio, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Doug
Occupations: Contract
Family: Doug-my wonderful, adorable husband of 20 years
Troy, Brian and Marty Dusek-"my 3 sons"
Maisy-my More…precious dog-Chiwinnie
Grandchildren:Lane, Dylan, Chance, Paisley, Dax, Beckett, Walker, 1 great-grandson=Brayden
Combined with Doug's family= 1 dhtr, 2 sons, 7 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren and 4th one on the way
About me:

I was a teacher for 14 years and it was glorious. I have also had the privilege of working many jobs-my favorite: working for Feik School of Pharmacy; always learning on the job as: office manager for several companies; surgeon's assistant, hospital surgery scheduler, creating state assessments.

I love to read. My favorite times are with Doug and grandkids. I love the beach....with Day Doughty Smith and the other "Goddesses."
I just love being with people. I am blessed with soooo many friends- past, present and future.

School Stories:

Ginny Seymour, Debbi Williams, Suzy Sledge all going to Boerne whenever we could. Made some long time friends up there. Still friends.
Lyn Straus and Kathleen Drought were/are dear friends.
Went to prom with Robin Harris and anti-prom with Wayne Noll from Boerne.
Had to miss finals one December because of a hit in my eye with a Bic pen. Gary Kahn, dear friend, accidentally hit my desk in Ms. Mitchell's English class and then pen made a direct hit.
Loved Chaps and Spurs.
Another accident where I could not talk for 3 weeks.....Ms. Gray threw football at me and I was not ready. It hit directly in my throat/voice box.
I was really surprised and honored to be elected Spurs treasurer.
I really enjoyed high school.....despite injuries.

Elementary Schools:

I loved my teachers. Got in trouble at Woodridge for being bossy. (Who, ME?) Had to sit under a tree and watch everyone else play.
Loved Ms. Holleran, PE at Cambridge. Her bun, lips and earrings fascinated me. I did NOT like running the track though.
Loved standing in the hot sun to see President and Mrs. Kennedy drive by. Then the next day, the tragedy.
Lyn Straus had such fabulous birthday parties at Nana's. Loved being with Suzy Sledge and anyone else we could round up. My fwend, Ginny Seymour, and I are still close despite her living in California.

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My family less Beckett and Walker.