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Friday, October 28, 2022, 9AM.
San Antonio Country Club
4100 N. New Braunfels Ave. 
San Antonio TX. 78209.

DRESS CODE:  In essence, dress nicely.  No jeans. Collars on shirts

Green Fee plus cart: $111.50 tax inclusive, cash or credit at golf shop. 
Reservations on a first come first served basis for the 15 available tee times, as a member host MUST play in each group.     
Also, if you cannot come at the last minute, please advise me.   No $$ lost on that.  It is ok, no worries.  
I look forward to seeing our golfers!  
Max Wier

Contact Max Wier for more details and SIGN UP
Please respond asap.  First Come, First Served for Tee Times
Cut-off for entries:   October 1 (contact Max)
DATE:   Friday, October 28, 2022
LOCATION:  San Antonio Country Club

Golfers so far:

Max & Anne Wier
Randy Mayo
John McCaleb 
Blake Middleton
Ellen Maniatis Snowden & Toby Snowden
Bowen Moursund
Tay Mason
Don Rymer
Jeff Miller
Terry Peterson
Charles Gates
John Clark
Jimmy O'Brien
Foster Huff

A note from Max:  ... to elaborate on a little history, it is the OLDEST 18 hole golf course in TEXAS.  The original layout/design was by Alex Findlay, who first laid out 9 holes which started play in 1907 and then the 2nd was laid out in 1912 and opened in 1914, with an exhibition match featuring Francis Ouimet, Harry Vardon and Ted Ray.

Harry Vardon was a popular touring pro winning many tournaments.  Even today he has a big effect on most of our golf swings.   Why?  The Vardon Grip.   The most widely used method of holding a golf club while playing a stroke.   

Above is a pic from the 1913 US Open showing left to right, Harry Vardon, Francis Ouimet, 1913 Champion, and Ted Ray.  You may have seen The Greatest Golf Game Ever Played, featuring the 1913 US Open at The Country Club, Brookline MA. 
The early course was somewhat rudimentary and in 1922, Tillinghast, reviewed and made improvements as better equipment was coming along.  And several other updates have been made, the latest in 2005 by Brian Silva, leading to the term,"you have been Silva'ed!"  resulting on issues on #13...  You may soon understand!  Remember, wearing is absolutely prohibited on the grounds of the SACC.  

Below:  Fred McLeod won the US Open in 1908 and came to the United States from Scotland.  He was the First head Pro at the SACC at the time it opened and why the Trio in the first match at SACC showed up in San Antonio.  
Below is the sign from 1912, which is faded and hard to read. 
But you may enjoy seeing it!  If you may read it, the nines were switched in 1918, and now we start on a par 3.  This was due to the entire clubhouse burning to the ground.  Golf Shop was rebuilt near the present site precipitating the change.
We look forward to seeing everyone and have a great time! - Max

2011 - 40th Reunion Golf pics



Below: Avid Golfers Max & Anne Wier  2019

Below:  L-R  Mickey S, Tay M, Don R, Tetherow Resort in Central Oregon
" We played 180 holes (10 rounds) in 9 days. From Portland to Bandon Dunes on the Oregon coast to Bend in Central Oregon. As a group we have played all of the top ten public golf courses in Oregon. It was a blast. There has been preliminary talk about a trip to Scotland next. - Mickey

High School Days - Coach Jimmy Walkup

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