Saturday Lunch 2021

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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Picnic Lunch - BYO

The Pearl Amphitheatre
on the San Antonio River

To VIEW PHOTOS from Friday & Saturday Click HERE 
on our private shutterfly site. Password is fun71

BYO BROWN BAG LUNCH at The Pearl     
TIME:  11am till ? 
meet at the outdoor Amphitheatre on the SA River. The Pearl has many options - food court, restaurants, market vendors. Saturday Farmers Market is lively and fun. Pearl Parkway, 78215

Families and Grandchildren WELCOME!
Handicap Accessible on street level

The Market, opens at 9:00am 
Pearl Q&A 


Lyn Straus Selig
Booboo Jockush Reynolds
Toni Schmid & Gordon Stevenson
Eric & Phyllis Renth
Dundee Frazier Sowell
Emily Miller Scano & son, Ryan 
Bubba & Carol Groos
Ed Giese
Kathryn Dreyfus
Joann Hunt Doyal
Day Doughty Smith
Mary O'Neill Kimball & John
Mark Jacob
Walton Tassos Selig
Ellen Maniatis Snowden
Mark Sullivan
Bill Harshaney and guest, Gail


*** Do you still have your blue lanyard Name Badge from 2001 or 2011?
if so, please wear it on Saturday
We will have regular nametags for everyone as well


** Click to view our 2011 photos at the Amphitheatre   (password is fun71)  


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