In Memoriam

Kathy Aka Casey Carter


Kathryn Ann Carter
also known to friends and loved ones as Casey

March 8, 1953 ~ August 7, 2013

Seattle, King County, WA

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Friends of Casey gathered on October 26th in Seattle, WA for a Celebration of Casey's Life

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Kathy was my best friend Jr and Sr year of high school, and college roommate at UT Austin, Freshman & Sophomore years.   We had some crazy, silly, fun times, lots of laughter, a few tears.  Together, in 1970, we both worked our "first real jobs" at Alfie's Fish & Chips on Austin Highway.  We loved our VW Bugs, mine yellow, hers light blue.  We listened to albums for hours and hours. We supported each other as "boy crushes" came and went.  Double dated on several occasions.  At UT, as freshmen, we endured dorm life together at Jester Center.  The next year, we flourished in the independence of apartment living with Pam and Mary.  We were actually quite different, and in some ways, unlikely best buds ... but we had a mutual appreciation.  Kathy was a very intelligent and sensitive person, and I am proud to have been her friend.  We drifted apart and lost contact after UT.  At different points in her life, she lived overseas, including New Zealand, Europe, Africa; and in various locations in the US. The Seattle area was her main "home base."
I'm not sure when she started going by the name, Casey.
In 2001, after living and working in Africa for a while, she returned to the Seattle area.  In December 2001 she emailed a me from New York, that she was spending the Christmas and New Years Holidays in NYC.  She was not easy to keep up with as she didn't have a cell phone.   She joked in this same email, "I have a longstanding bet with a friend about who will get a cell phone first (kinda stubborn huh?)."  This made me smile of course, as this was so like Kathy. Most recently she was still living up in the Seattle area.  In 2006, while Kathy was visiting family in S.A., she drove up to Austin for a visit over lunch.  It had been such a long, long time! We'd had a lifetime of experiences between us. 31 years.  I'm so grateful for that visit.   I only wish I'd been more perceptive and picked up on the seriousness of her sadness and depression. We stayed in touch a little by email. Later that year, she emailed her sympathies for my mother's passing.  It was a joy to receive her few brief emails. I wish that I had saved more of them on my computer.
RIP dear Kathy ... you are forever in my heart as one of my special life friends.   Love, Toni

While I'm reflecting, it is mostly sadness right now.  But oddly, I do recall a funny story.   I suppose when I returned from Vietnam, I may have been a little "short" with my temperament.  Not an angry person, just one that didn't need to hear something long-winded.  Kathy was espousing her views on something and chastising me somewhat, one evening.  I used an Army term for when someone is on your "case". is... "would you quit jumping in my sh__" ?   She had never heard the term before and just started rolling laughing.  I asked, "what is so funny" ?  She said, "I guess I'm being too literal and I am laughing,  picturing myself jumping up and down in a pile know what".  It broke the tension and we were both better for it ... She was an extremely dear person, and she helped me through a lot of my  injuries that I suffered in Vietnam. She had written about three letters per week the entire time I was in Vietnam. And following my return to Texas, we dated.  She was a kind, thoughtful, loving person.  - Chuck Sullivan

Kathy and I had several classes together and discussed homework whenever I needed her guidance. She was so smart and ready to help anytime. She was a very quiet and gentle person. God bless her in her eternal peace. Lynn Erben Gillaspy

A Nurturer ~ Gifted, Tallented, Intelligent, Complex

1993 with brothers Jim and John, Seattle

1997 Carter Family Reunion

Christmas 1972, UT Austin w/ Diane Woodley and roomies Pam Jones, Toni Schmid, Mary Goodnight

Chuck, Toni, Bumper, Mary, Pam, Kathy ~ Christmas 1972 ~ Austin, TX

Fall 1971, University of Texas at Austin, Freshmen roomies at Jester Center Dorm

1971 - in her driveway on Elizabeth Road

with Chuck Sullivan, 1971

with our handsome SMU men! Steve W. & Tommy C. - Spring 1971

with Sandy Stokes, 1970

December 1970 - with Toni and Lisa Wright - Kathy's light blue VW

with Spook Gordon, Toni Schmid, Doug Barnes, Brian Turner - MacArthur Park, Spring 1970

THE BEST MEMORIES! ~ Spring Break 1970 ~ Port Aransas
Lili Simpson, Becky Shaefer, Kathy at the Schmids' rent house

fun on the beach with Class of '70 pals, Miles Wilson, Paxton Smith, Jack Ewing, Roger Swanson

Alamo Heights High School
Interests and Accomplishments as listed in our 1971 Olmos

Chaps 1,2,4; Spurs 3; Student Council 2; Los Cuates 1; Los Companeros 2;
Los Amigos 3,4; Biology Club 2; Art Club 3; Jab Staff 4

AHHS Senior Year Biology Club 1971 ~ Olmos '71 ~ Kathy is front row on the right end

with fellow Junior Year Art Club members clowning before our meeting

Kathy's lovely mother, Margaret Virginia Gowan Carter, taken around age 26

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