In Memoriam

John Kinkler Moses

John Kinkler Moses

1953 - July 14, 2006

from Aggie Silvertaps

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John was very talented and held several patents: 
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Varco International 89 
Hughes Tool 88
Vetco Gray Houston 88
Hydralift Houston 97


John's 2001 BIO: 

Did you begin 1st Grade at San Antonio grade school: Howard Elem.-Mrs. Espy
What do you do in your spare time?: None Available
What is important to you?: Sleep
How do you wish to be remembered?: faintly
What is your advice to your children?: changes all the time
Did you serve in the military, war?: No
Have you held public office, received advanced degrees, awards, or recognitions? No
Patents? Yes, for oilfield equipment
What adventurous thing(s) have you done?: I will not tell!

A memory of John, by Blake (John) Hardy
I knew John from throwing newspapers and maybe earlier, too. He was interested in all things mechanical and spent much of his time outside of school working. John learned to shoe a horse, tan a deerskin, weld, and fix or make most anything from just about nothing. His family did much of the work on a home at Canyon Lake, where John sailed an old wooden boat. In high school, John had many interesting car projects, the first of which was a $50 Studebaker he turned into a dune buggy. (Against her better judgement, my mom actually went for a ride.) Later, I think John had a VW with a Porsche engine that ended up in his bus. When last we talked about his projects, he was interested in converting the bus to run on methane from chicken poop. All through high school, John basically ran a shop from a part of his house his mom let him use for projects. He worked part-time as an auto mechanic--a real one. When John left for college, he had higher skills than many adults ever achieve. John was an unlikely Aggie in the Corps sense, but I bet he made a perfect example of the creative problem-solvers A&M turns out on occasion. I didn't know him as an adult. Like many of us, he married and had children. I never met his kids, but I exchanged letters with his mom after one of them died. I still have her card. In 2001, you asked classmates to reveal their biggest adventure. John refused to tell. Well, John was adventurous, and there are more than a few good stories that bear his name. There were plenty of witnesses who remember him more than "faintly," which is what he requested in your biographical sketches. I'm one.
His teachers probably noticed a "slight" disregard for authority, so let's hope any who respond are in a kind frame of mind and remember John in the spirit of self-actualization. At any rate, I owe John and his family far more than that. - Blake (John) Hardy

A memory of John, by Gordon Stevenson ~ The marble, the canon, and the garage door
Remember those small canons that shot ....

.... and, John had that grin, and you knew he was up to something, and whatever he was up to, you wanted to be a part of it! - Gordon Stevenson


Senior Year, Vocational Club