In Memoriam

Carolyn Good Mueller


Carolyn Good Mueller
January 26, 1953 - February 13, 2003


Carolyn Good Mueller died February 13, 2003. A San Antonio native born January 26, 1953. Survivor: mother, Martha R. Mueller. Private Family Services. Memorials may be made to Borzoi Rescue Fund or the charity of your choice. Sunset Funeral Home.


1991 - our 20 Year Class Reunion, here with Winifred and Barbara
Below - The Girls

AHHS Accomplishments:
Chaps; Spurs; MU Alpha Theta; Art Appreciation Club;
Jabberwocki; Geology Club; Olmos Staff
; Equestrian Club

Olmos Staff, Senior Year


Memories of Carolyn

When I got hurt my senior year, Carolyn and Carole Pratt were the first ones at my side crying because I would not be able to play football again. One of those two seem to always try to help me do everything, i.e.. carrying books, adjusting my crutches, etc.... She will be missed. ~ Allen Fields

Learning about Carolyn's passing makes me so sad. I was in a carpool with her, I think during middle and some of high school . . . I remember Carolyn as a kind, gentle person who most always had a shy smile on her face.~ Kathy Dreyfus

We had gone to lunch at Cappy's the day after her 50th b'day, on Jan. 27. Nancy Hamner Avellar also went to lunch because her b'day was in January as well. Carolyn had been to a dog show for that weekend and was so pleased with the progress of her Borzoi dogs, she was on Cloud 9. I received an email from Carolyn the day she died. She is missed. ~ Martha Jackson James

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Gena Dagel (Tabery)

Carolyn and Mary Ann Mueller were my best friends from the third grade on. We met at St. Luke's Episcopal Church and discovered that we lived only three blocks away from each other. I rode my bike to see her and Mary Ann as often as I could, and then I taught them both how to ride a bicycle. The year that Mary Ann was ill, seventh grade, was hard for Carolyn, and she became a much quieter person. The summer after Mary Ann's death, I traveled with Carolyn and Martha and Herbert all the way across the country to California and up the coast with them. They were so good to take me on that fabulous trip. I espeically remember our visiting Carmel and then Gump's in San Francisco, which for some reason, Carolyn was crazy about. We spent hours in the back seat reading and trading books -- I remember Tale of Two Cities and The Count of Monte Cristo in particular. But she missed Mary Ann so very much and was so sad on that trip. It had always been the three of us, and it is possible that being with me made her lonely for her sister, because things were never the same between us after that. She was a dear, loving person and I still miss her.

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