50th Reunion 2021

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50th Reunion AHHS Class of '71      

Welcome '71 Graduates, Teachers, and fellow Elementary & Jr School Classmates 1959-1971, our childhood friends who transferred out and did not graduate with us.

Moody Blues  Jefferson Airplane  Hits of the 1960s


50th Blast from the Past Reunion - most likely in the Fall, BEFORE hunting season opens.  or maybe early Spring. 

TENTATIVE DATES:  Oct 29-31 (or weekend prior)  SAVE THE DATE (tentative)

email Toni or Peggy if you want to organize it... or have ideas for it ... or wish to help ... 

Does anyone have any connections with venues along the s.a. river or other nice local spots?

If anyone would like to offer their home, business, or ranch for a lunch or afternoon gathering, please let us know.

Saturday Morning LSD Trip Bike Ride will most likely be brought back by popular demand, subject to knees and hips still working!


This will most likely be our last "large" reunion, so let's make it a special one.

Send your ideas and input to tschmid@austin.rr.com

Start saving your small change now for this fun weekend