In Memoriam

Howard Adams

Howard Clayton Adams, Jr


1952 - 2023



Buster passed away in November 2023
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In 2001, Buster wrote this autobiography
   I've been a student, cooked with chefs, bartended, driven big trucks, raised 3 children, home-schooled them, taught private school, studied to be a missionary, been a cabinet shop foreman, I have even been a janitor at my church, built houses and torn them down and after praying about your question about what I do now, the Lord told me I'm a servant. Not Mr. Adams, just Howard or Buster.
   Currently I'm just trying to finish college, (student) you know. Heck, I'm just thankful to make it through today and hopefully get to see y'all. Yo class of 71 kick butt and take names. I don't want anyone to think I'm perfect or anything. I still haven't learned to walk on water or float. HA just a saint tryin' to let GOD happen, same as you!!!!! After graduation I worked for a law firm as an accident investigator while going to SAC for college basics. Then I cooked for Cappy Lawton for a few years you know Mama's, Hofbrau, The Backyard, and I even helped open the Cappy's ! in Heights. I worked with Jana for awhile. I quit and went to work driving an 18 wheeler long haul truck for locally owned Kinetic Concepts. I did that for about 10 yrs.
I am divorced and have three wonderful children: Sarah Maria, Joey Alexander, and Justin Taylor.

   I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 2 yrs. before I got divorced, got fired because of a drug test and I lost my mom. "Hmm", I said and then the greatest thing happened to me. Just like those old boys in the movie "OH BROTHER WHERE ART THOU", JESUS walked into my life and forgave me of all my sins. If it sounds like I'm braggin' it's because I am. Now I go to bed and get up every mornin thankin Him for my salvation YE HAH! If I were to give any advice it would start at the foot of the cross. That and learn to overcome adversity because we have a choice: start livin or start dyin, stop or start, stay down or get up and fight.

   Since the 2001 Reunion, some things have happened (trigeminal facial neuralgia) that have only increased my faith. Maybe sometime I'll get to tell you the whole story. There's enough that would fill a book. In the book of Hebrews, chapter 13 at the end of verse 5 says, "... because God has said, 'Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you."........ Sounds like a promise to me ...... and to you, I hope you have the very happiest of New Year's. Howard


Arlene & Buster

Howard and Rusty?

1991 Alamo Heights Pool w Bubba & Kellis

with brother, Rusty, and dear friend, Ilse

2001 Reunion ~ Tour of High School with Rusty, Becky Shaver Benson, and Ammanda Renth



Buster with daughter Sarah Maria

Adams family

Buster loves his children

Buster & Arlene with Phyllis Renth




guitar     Howard and Sidney E.

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11/12/23 09:56 AM #1    

Ed Rosillo

Buster, John Fitzpatrick and myself were good friends in High School. We did a lot of things together. I used to go to his house and vist. His mom was a nice woman. Although we lost touch for a time we visited after the 30 year reunion and would visit on the phone. I would like to think that even though we lost touch we remained friends forever.
When we started to vist with each other I could see his deep believe on Jesus.

I am sure that he is in heaven and in addition to reuniting with his family he is visiting with John.I have to admit that  I was saddened by his departure.







11/12/23 11:15 AM #2    

Eric Renth

       During Buster's Celebretion of Life yesterday, we saw a great tribuite to a first class and Gody man that Buster was.  So many great testamonies from his pastor and family.  They stress and many of us saw it the when he was fighting MS, he never or rarely complained and he was always concerned about the the welfare of others.  Arlene was a great helpmate to him.

      When he came over to visit Phyllis and me, the MS had enter him but he was still able to drive over. We loved seeing his guitar skills!  As we talked he expressed that his one regret is that he couldn't eventually go to seminary due to the illness.  BUT, that never stopped him for being a fantastic preacher to share the gospel of Jedud Christ!  He made an impact on others as the service yesterday was full of those whose lives he impacted (and vice versa).  It was great to see Buster's lifelong friend Kellis Chandler there also.

      When I first met Buster durin my jumior year at AH, I sure appreciated his friendliness and he made me feel a part of things.  That wild and crazy guy was a man of heart.  His spirit is now in Heaven and I will bet that he's already met up with Phyllis, John Fitzpatrick and so many of our other friends.  Adios for now, amigo.  I look forward to seeing y'all again when my time is called by our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Christ!  Until then, I and many others of us will be insired by your life. 




11/14/23 10:42 AM #3    

Alan Davis

So sorry to hear about Howard's passing.  We were very close in high school, but as so often happens, drifted apart after graduation.  In the past several years, we corresponded through FB and I regret that I didn't make the time to go and visit him as his disease progressed.  He was a talented musician, a kind soul and will be remembered fondly.  

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